Why choose Steni?

Low cost durability • 60 years warranty • Impact resistant • Water impermeable • Minimal maintenance • Low carbon footprint • Easy to install • Pre-cut format • Frost resistant • Optional colours  • Three gloss variations

Product Properties

Easy installation
Pre-cut format
Low cost durability
60 years warranty
Low carbon footprint
Easy cleaning
Impact resistant
Frost resistant and water impermeable
Product properties

Façade panels on nature’s terms

Steni Nature – with surfaces such as recycled glass, olivine and river stone.

A sustainable alternative

Steni Colour Reuse – Façade system designed for reuse

Robust façade panels

Regardless of extreme weather – Steni façade panels hold their own

Low lifetime cost

Saved over DKK 200,000 on annual maintenance

Creative possibilities

The Arctic Salmon Center – A sensational landmark on the ocean shore

Easy to maintain

30 years after installation, the façade panels are as good as new

Environmentally friendly

Energy-plus building with façade panels from Steni receives “Excellent” BREEAM-NOR certification