About Steni

Steni delivers architectural expressions that people notice – and remember. Façade solutions from Steni allow architects to design buildings with a unique expression that lasts for generations.


Steni is a story of Norwegian entrepreneurial success. Since it was founded in 1965, the company has focused on supplying façade solutions that provide a unique and durable architectural expression, with very high quality.

Steni was established as a family-owned company in 1965. Our façade panels have been designed to handle the harsh and demanding Norwegian climate. Today, the company’s majority shareholder is Accentone 2012 Holding Ltd.

Steni has around 100 employees and our head office, production plant, warehouse and a factory outlet in Lardal, Vestfold, Norway.

Steni has sales companies in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland . Steni has agreements with distributors for the sale and marketing of our façade panels in Europe, the United States, Canada and the Netherlands.

Façade solutions from Steni allow architects to design buildings with a unique expression that lasts for generations.


  • Established in 1965
  • Majority shareholder Accentone 2012 Holding Ltd
  • High-quality façade panels of stone composite
  • Head office and production plant in Vestfold, Norway
  • International company
  • About 100 employees


Creating the ultimate building expressions for future generations.


We deliver the widest and most exciting selection of surface options and formats on the market. We ensure these are cost-efficient through lasting aesthetics and quality.

With whom
We create long-term trust and value by working closely together with users, owners, architects, contractors and distributors.

We strive to work in partnership as trusted advisors to develop the facade solutions for the future. We achive this by combining experience with skills, innovation, playfulness and enthusiasm – and by using high-end tools. Our partners can expect us to be good listeners and to meet their specific needs and requirements. In addition, they will get quick, simple and transparent service, superb logistics and easy and accessible distribution.

We believe lasting aesthetics and quality is the key to a clean and bright future. That’s why we deliver sustainability through social responsibility, documented long lifespans, low CO2 emissions, ensuring waste is minimised and that life-cycle costs are low.


We show respect for each other, our environment, partners and customers. We care, are polite – and have an open and inclusive culture. We respect each other’s opinions, and show loyalty to the decisions taken.

We are active seekers of new knowledge, and curious to the development that is going on in our environment. We are looking for creative solutions, and value changes that contribute to positive growth.

We set high standards of quality in everything we do, and deliver according to expectations, requirements and specifications. We walk the talk, are serious, responsible and transparent.

Customer oriented
We are dedicated to find good solutions together with our customers. We explore market needs and expectations, and have a large customer focus throughout the value chain. We are proud suppliers to the market, and consider the customer as our premier ambassador.

Quality policy

See link to Steni's quality policy here:

Quality policy


Ethical guidelines

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Ethical guidelines

The transparency act

Steni attaches great importance to being open and accountable when it comes to our operational practices. We are conscious of our duty of disclosure and comply with the latest provisions of the Freedom of Information Act. We are committed to the observance and protection of fundamental human rights and decent working conditions. By conducting procurement responsibly, complying with contracts and cooperating with and developing our suppliers, we actively contribute to the development of our own industry and ensure respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions. Our commitment to respecting fundamental human rights and decent working conditions is enshrined in Steni's Code of Conduct and Anti-Corruption Policy. Steni strives to promote a corporate culture characterised by respect and consideration for the environment, other people and their property. We always act in a way that creates trust, both in cooperation with colleagues, suppliers, customers and other business partners. We have high expectations of our suppliers when it comes to ethics, sustainability and quality. The suppliers undertake to have business ethics that correspond to or exceed Steni's internal values and ethical guidelines. Read more about ethics and our ethical guidelines here.


If you would like further information on how Steni handles actual and potential negative consequences for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions, please log on to our portal TransparencyGate. Here you can also report any conditions that violate basic human rights and decent working conditions. Click here to log in to our TransparencyGate.