Best functional warranty on the market

60-year functional warranty
Façade panels from STENI have the best functional warranty on the market – 60 years!

Façade panels from Steni have a 60-year functional warranty. That means minimal building maintenance – just simple cleaning – and therefore lower lifetime costs.

The panels are made of fibreglass reinforced polymer composite, a combination of materials with different properties that together produce an extremely strong and durable final product. Polymer composite is increasingly being used in the production of automobiles, boats and aircraft. It is also becoming more and more popular for products that are exposed to extreme stress.

STENI façade panels can be installed all year round, regardless of temperature and weather conditions. The panels are frost and moisture resistant and can be immersed in water for longer periods without damage.

We have lots of sun and lots of salt from the sea – and these panels can take it all.​ Yngve Sletten, Skanska​