The Arctic Salmon Center – A landmark on the ocean shore

Unique building with wow-factor

“It has been unbelievably exciting to work with such a special building in such a special place. This is a quite extraordinary building, that has been greeted with astonishment by my colleagues,” comments architect Peter W. Söderman at Norconsult AS.

“We chose Vision panels from Steni due to the printing possibilities – we could project an exciting and quite subtle print onto a large surface. The client wanted to have an expressive building that reflected what they are, which is of course an experience centre for the fishing industry.

Façade panels that can withstand a harsh environment

The print pattern on the façade panels creates an illusion of salmon scales, while the contrasting shading helps to downplay the building’s height and merge it into the landscape.

Söderman adds that the 60-year warranty was also an important factor in their choice.

“It’s an incredibly harsh location, exposed to incessant sea foam, wind and snow, and the building is also not easy to access. This made it really important to choose a robust façade material that could go long periods without maintenance.”


The print patterns on the façade panels create an illusion of salmon scales.