Lighthouse Joensuu

Lighthouse Joensuu, in the eastern of Finland, towers high above the region’s beautiful lakes. This 50-metre-high building contains 117 student apartments with views of the city of Joenssuu.Lighthouse Joensuu is built of massive wood and has won several awards for its use of this material. However, the exterior of the building is clad with Steni façade panels. The contractor wanted a waterproof façade that required little maintenance, and therefore chose Steni, which has good properties for protecting the woodwork.


Façade panelling and artwork give the building personality.

The main architect behind the student apartment building is Samuli Sallinen with Arkadia Oy Arkkitehtitoimisto. He explains that they had used Steni Colour  façade panels in white and grey, which in combination with the glossy and matte surfaces give the building a unique expression. The building’s special feature is its fantastic piece of artwork, designed with the use of light on the exterior of the building. This lightwork was designed by Kari Kola.

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Lighthouse Joensuu is clad in Steni Colour façade panels in tones of grey and white tones.

The students have fantastic views of the city and surrounding nature.

The high-rise building, Lighthouse Joensuu, towers above the university city of Joensuu.