35-year-old façade panels rejuvenate 1950s building

“This is a trail-blazing recycling project, where a large share of the materials used in the renovation stem from ordering errors in other projects, renovations of other buildings, or from other parts of the building itself,” explains the architect responsible for the renovation, Noora Khezri from Norwegian company Mad Arkitekter.

The project in question involves a 1950s building at the address Kristian Augusts Gate 13 in Oslo, which had previously been threatened with demolition. The building was recently presented with the prestigious DOGA (foundation for Design and Architecture in Norway) award for its future-oriented focus on recycling and circular principles.

Steni façade panels come with a 60-year durability warranty, and as the years pass it is becoming increasingly clear that this durability constitutes a real benefit for the environment.

“The Kristian Augusts Gate 13 project is the ultimate example of how important wear resistance and durability are from the perspective of sustainability and the environment. Here we have a truly delightful and durable façade, just like any other brand new cladding.

Reuse of old façade panels from Steni