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Steni Colour façade panels are stone composite panels with a smooth surface of electron beam-cured acrylic.

Play with colours

Virtually endless range of colors

With 6 mm Steni Colour you can choose from 60 standard colours and three gloss levels. If you choose this façade panel, you can really go wild with colours and give your building a personal touch. Steni façade panels come with light edges as standard, and can be delivered with dark edges at an additional cost.


Steni Colour Reuse – A sustainable alternative

Steni Colour façade panels have a 60-year functional warranty and over 100 years of life expectancy, so we believe they are well suited for sustainable reuse. As a response to several global environmental challenges, we have therefore developed and launched the Steni Colour Reuse.


Minimal need for maintenance

Steni Colour requires minimal maintenance and can be cleaned with most products used for house cleaning. With the right cleaners, you can even remove graffiti without breaking the discs. The panels can also withstand the use of high-pressure washers. Read more about maintenance and cleaning.


Easy installation all year round

Steni's façade panels are installed as aerated cladding, and the work can be carried out all year round – regardless of temperature and weather conditions. Steni's façade panels are diffusion tight, which means that they can withstand being submerged in water.

STENI Colour are available in three glosses: Matt, semi-matt and high gloss

Product properties

Easy installation
Pre-cut format
Low cost durability
60 years warranty
Low carbon footprint
Easy cleaning
Impact resistant
Frost resistant and water impermeable
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Colour gallery

Steni Color facade panels are available in a large selection of colors and three different levels of gloss.


Stocked format:

1195 x 2995 mm


Standard production:

295 x (1195 mm – 3495 mm)
x (850 mm – 3495 mm)


Custom production:

(292 – 1195 mm) x (850 – 3495)


Full production width of 1195 mm is always charged

Colours and gloss

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Steni Colour

Colourful learning environment

Functional accommodation and tight maintenance budgets were the guiding principles behind the design of the Remmen and Bjølstad student blocks in Østfold.